Don't stress, try Lion's Breath!

March 11th, 2016 12:11:00 pm

Don't stress, try Lion's Breath!

Are your kids, your partner or your morning commute getting on your nerves?  Maybe it's been a stressful week/month/9 months.  End of winter starting to make you feel craaaaazy?! Besides the obvious answer of booking a solo mommy vacation to St Thomas, here's another suggestion.  Lion's Breath. 


Check out this video demonstration by myself and my little lion cub. 

The sillier the face the better!  Trust me. 


Though it's not a tropical escape, it doesn't involve a cocktail by the pool or guarantee it will relieve that strain in your low back, lion's breath can help to clear the mind.  Taking deep, focused breaths in stressful situations is always a good idea.  Lion's breath adds an extra bonus with a stretch of the facial muscles and throat that can get tight, clenched and cause you to want to flip out. (*ahem* been there, done that)  Duck away to the bathroom, under your desk or simply look your boss/kid in the face and try this exercise.  You'll feel better afterwards, promise ;) 


If anything, this breathing exercise reminds you to not take life too seriously!


Deep breath in.  Tounge out.  Have a fab weekend!


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