Partner Yoga with Amy and Adam Griffith

Deepen your connection to
partner through support,
communication and trust.

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My Partner Yoga class is a gentle workout that will encourage communication and reinforce your partner's support during pregnancy, which will carry through to labor.

You will be guided through slow and gentle movements to warm up the muscles. As you move together, you'll become aware of the supportive relationship being established with your partner.

Standing poses offer strength building, balance and playfulness, all with safely guided instruction.

A guided massage for mom is the highlight here. Tension melts away as you are filled with absolute peace.

  • • You will enjoy moving through poses with your partner where communication and trust are reinforced.
  • • The breath is a key factor throughout your yoga practice and labor. Connect to this powerful and calming force together.
  • • The time you share together, before baby, is one of the best gifts you can give yourselves.

Customer Reviews


My husband and I loved the relaxed and fun nature of the Prenatal Partner Yoga DVD. For us it was more about connecting and having fun than a typical yoga session. I also really liked the suggestions for labor moves. It was nice for my husband to hear what he can do to help be a supportive partner.
– Michelle P.


It was enjoyable for my husband to feel involved in our pregnancy by stretching and exercising together. We felt connected to each other and baby without ever having to exchange words. I hope to be able to use some of the poses to help calm my mind and body during labor. I highly recommend this Partner Yoga DVD!
– Alexandra P.


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Partner Yoga
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Q: My partner has never practiced yoga, will they be comfortable doing this DVD?
This workout moves slowly with clear instruction for beginners. Mom and partner should always remember to move in a way that is comfortable for them. The movements in this DVD are designed to inspire communication, exploration and trust between mom and her partner. If one or both of you are new to yoga, do what you are comfortable with and do not push yourself to accomplish each pose.

Q: How long into my pregnancy can I practice yoga?
Mom can continue practicing yoga up until her due date as long as the poses feel comfortable and safe for her body. Moving slowly during the transitions between poses will keep mom safe. Blocks assist with balance and when transitioning down to the mat.

Q: At what stage of pregnancy is it best to practice Partner Yoga?
Mom and partner can practice these movements at any stage of pregnancy, but I highly recommend it in the third trimester. As baby continues to grow, mom will adapt and discover what movements feel best, what relaxation techniques seem to resonate with her and how her changing body responds to these tools. Much of the third trimester is preparation for baby's arrival. Many of the tips in this DVD are designed for birth-day preparation.

Q: Where can I purchase props?
Yoga blocks, bolsters and straps can be purchased through If you do not want to purchase props, place a chair in front of mom for support instead of blocks. A large supportive couch pillow can replace a bolster and a towel or belt can be used instead of a strap.


Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.