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Prenatal Yoga

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Prenatal Yoga DVD

A yoga workout balancing strength
and peace for soon to be mommas



and enjoy the benefits of movement.

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Maintain an active lifestyle while pregnant


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10 minute Segments
Wall Workout
Chair Yoga
Guided Meditation

Active Prenatal Yoga will help you to feel better physically and support you emotionally.

Gentle stretches and movement will begin to open up your body. Set a positive intention and enjoy a brief meditation to gain focus and center yourself for your practice.

This active vinyasa style of Prenatal Yoga will reveal all the movement that you CAN do while baby grows within you. Each trimester is represented for various levels of challenge and support.

The deep connection of your breath and the alignment of each stretch allow your mind to quiet down. In these quieter moments you notice love, peace, strength, joy and confidence flow to baby.

Keep yourself and baby healthy.

Three different workouts, plus one guided meditation.

All three stages of pregnancy are represented for various levels of challenge and modification.

  • • Discover how to find peace and calm by connecting to your breath.
  • • Develop a greater sense of trust in your body’s capabilities to grow and birth your baby.
  • • Deepen your bond with baby in the most unique and special way.

Customer Reviews

Amy's class gave me not only the typical 'yoga high', but a feeling of confidence and strength in my baby and my body, and our abilities to work hard together, beautifully.
–Anna Rachocki

I found Amy's approach to be both nurturing and empowering and I appreciate that she still found ways to physically challenge me in ways that respected my growing belly. I left each practice with her feeling confident and rejuvenated.
–Kate Darby

When I was pregnant it was easy to focus on what I wasn't allowed to do, or what my body just couldn't do as I grew. I also know that at times it was tough to feel "connected" with my baby, especially when life got busy. Doing prenatal yoga with Amy helped me with both of those struggles. Pregnant moms need support, strength, and opportunities to take care of themselves, and Amy's prenatal yoga provides all of that!
–Melissa Miller

Amy's prenatal yoga was the perfect balance for physical and mental practice! I loved that her class was challenging and restorative at the same time. Her encouragement of my body's capabilities kept me going through my pregnancy and really helped during labor and my recovery! Her prenatal yoga is a perfect mix for preparing mind and body for birth and motherhood.
–Sarah Povondra


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Active Prenatal Yoga Promo Video
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Q: Can I do the movements even if I've never practiced yoga before?
Absolutely! Clear and detailed instruction is given for proper alignment in each pose. For those that are new to yoga, I recommend that you follow Katie, who is performing third trimester modifications. These will be gentler variations of the poses that will help you to ease into developing your yoga practice. Always listen to your body and do what feels right to you.

Q: Is this prenatal yoga workout safe?
Prenatal yoga is a very safe form of exercise. The transitions between poses are slow, encouraging you to move at your own pace. Detailed instruction is given for safe alignment in each pose. The props used assist you in moving safely between poses, especially as baby grows. Throughout any form of exercise, always move in a way that feels good to you. If the suggested pose does not feel comfortable or safe in your body, you should ease out of it. Your body will tell you what feels right and what doesn't.

Q: I'm already in my third trimester. Is it too late?
It is not too late to begin practicing yoga. As mentioned above, there are many modifications offered, allowing you to tailor the class to your specific needs. Props, especially blocks, will help you to move more easily from standing to hands and knees. Women in their third trimester may have to move even more slowly when transitioning between poses. Take your time, move at your pace, and take breaks as often as you need to. You may enjoy customizing your workout to include the Warmup, Guided Meditation and Relaxation.

Q: Will it make my labor easier?
Almost all prenatal yoga poses help to prepare the body physically for labor. With hip opening stretches, strengthening poses for the endurance required for labor, and yoga positions that you can actually labor in; it is a fantastic workout to prepare you for the journey ahead. When we hold a pose for a period of time and the muscles begin to burn, we discover an opportunity to surrender to the physical discomfort. Yoga teaches us to recognize this sensation, feel it, breathe through it, and not react. This philosophy parallels perfectly with labor. The use of mantra, or positive intention helps to remind you to trust your body, and to let go of tension or fear. The breath work that we develop throughout our yoga practice also carries through to labor. Becoming familiar with the power and calm your breath can provide will be another tool for you to use to surrender.

Q: What props should I buy?
If you choose one prop to buy, I would recommend the blocks. They are generally made of foam, and can be purchased at You will want to buy 2 blocks. Other props that can be purchased are a bolster (this is a firm supportive pillow) a strap (a towel or belt can also be used) and a blanket.


Consult your physician and follow all safety instructions before beginning any exercise program.