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"Amy is a lovely yoga instructor, but especially shines in her prenatal classes. She is able to share a peace, warmth, joy, trust, and serenity with her fellow Mother's that is so imperative during pregnancy. I always left with not only the typical 'yoga high', but with a feeling of confidence and strength in my baby and my body, and our abilities to work hard together beautifully. I reminisced of those moments during my own long and powerful home water birth!"

– Anna Rachocki



A friend and I drove forty miles to attend Amy's prenatal yoga classes and they were well worth the drive. I found Amy's approach to be both nurturing and empowering and I appreciate that she still found ways to physically challenge me in ways that respected my growing belly. I left each practice with her feeling confident and rejuvenated. I returned to the techniques and mantras I learned in her class during my wonderful homebirth. And I think it's largely thanks to her supportive words and approach –– as well as those of my midwives –– that I never once questioned my ability to deliver at home.

– Kate Darby



At 36 years old and pregnant I was considered advanced maternal age and although I was very fit and active ended up with some medical problems. I could no longer run or do most physical activities and was put on "bed rest". I had taken yoga with Amy previously prior to being pregnant and knew she was amazing. I took several of the prenatal classes, I did the one on one private class with Amy. The classes were amazing, although I was only able to do a few classes because of my difficulties during pregnancy, even those were extremely helpful, plus I still did the stretches and poses Amy taught me at home. I felt more relaxed and more comfortable while practicing yoga with Amy during my pregnancy. Amy has such a calming, warm presence, she is patient and adjusts the poses to your abilities and needs. I would HIGHLY recommend Amy's prenatal yoga to those of any age or level of fitness and/or experience with yoga.

– Tracey DeSantis


"I know when I was pregnant it was easy to focus on what I wasn't allowed to do, or what my body just couldn't do as I grew. I also know that at times it was tough to feel "connected" with my baby, especially when life got busy. Doing prenatal yoga with Amy helped me with both of those struggles. It was wonderful to exercise and move my body within its new found "limits", and Amy's knowledge and experience helped me to do that safely and without concern that I was doing too much. But I probably loved even more that making that time to do yoga also gave me time to do something special with my baby...just the two of us. It allowed time to focus on the pregnancy, think about what was happening in my life, and be excited about the little one I hadn't met yet. Amy does a wonderful job bringing your little one into the movements, and reminding you of what a unique time this is for your body and your life. Pregnant moms need support, strength, and opportunities to take care of themselves, and Amy's prenatal class provides all of that! What a great way to prepare for that delivery day!"

– Melissa Miller


Amy's prenatal yoga was the perfect balance for physical and mental practice! I loved that her class was challenging and restorative at the same time. Amy's knowledge and experience really helped me appreciate my body's capability as my pregnancy progressed. Her guidance kept me going the entire time and really helped during labor and my recovery! Her prenatal yoga is a perfect mix for preparing mind and body for birth and motherhood.

– Sarah Povondra



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