The Daily Grind of Motherhood

February 4th, 2016 08:15:00 pm

The Daily Grind of Motherhood

The daily grind...  Today was one of those days that felt long and monotonous.  There is so much silliness and joy to experience in motherhood and there are also a lot of moments that are dull and draining.  I had my husband snag this picture of the routine that is constant for us this time of year.  I felt like capturing the "everyday" that is our "work."  All of the little details, each effort for comfort, order, love, all of it takes energy.  I recognize this work and appreciate it so much, even if it leaves me feeling drained, lacking or floating sometimes. 

A brief glance at some of the moments that play on repeat in our house, maybe yours resembles it too...

*snuggle and juggle both kids on my lap while they each pull for mommy's attention *diaper changes *reading stacks of books, sometimes the same one repeated at least 5x *sit with daughter in the bathroom for 15 minutes while she practices going to the potty *curbing meltdowns by playing music, dancing, distracting, food, more books *bounce on trampoline *get interrupted no matter what mommy attempts to begin, so basically, nothing else gets accomplished leaving mommy feeling slightly schizophrenic  *more potty breaks *our attempts at getting dressed for the day involve at least 30 minutes of silliness, running around, and being distracted by everything *hugs and tears *hand washing (I need more stools so that I'm hoisting less!) *more food *more books *feign interest as I "excitedly" watch the awesome jump accomplished by my son's hot wheels car for the thousandth time *pretend to eat play-doh hotdog delivered by my daughter (it's her favorite play-doh creation at the moment) *convince the almost 5 year old to help me with a daily household task (unloading the dishwasher, picking up toys, putting clothes in hamper. usually he's quite helpful, but there are still many moments of draining negotiation)  *begin laundry, transfer laundry, look at laundry while it just sits there in the basket and doesn't fold itself *mommy/son meltdown *hugs *tears *bedtime craziness (they're always wound up at this time of the night, wth?!) *pj's on *brush teeth *potty again *wash hands *books and nursing for baby girl *books and chatting before bed with son *big hugs and kisses goodnight *see more dirty dishes in sink and walk away *pour a glass of wine and zone out with a fried mommy-brain *sigh*

As I am a very positive gal, I'm usually great at seeing the bright side of almost every situation.  Today just sucked all of that positivity right out of me.  I still recognize how fortunate I am to have this "job" to do.  I've got food to prepare, clothes to clean, a house to maintain, hugs to give and receive.  That's pretty much all we need right?  It truly is.  But still, this momma needs to vent every now and then.  Life doesn't always hand you a day filled with sunshine, compliant kids, and any shape of order.  I also appreciate, more than I can say, the fact that I have a healthy family.  I know these complaints are trivial compared to what some warrior mommas endure.  To you, I send the warmest hug.  You are way stronger than I. 

Motherhood can feel lonely and tedious.  There are moments where we feel unfulfilled.  Then we're surprised with a giant hug from behind.  Or we glance up in the middle of dishes to see our babes singing and dancing in the most carefree way.  We witness the happiness, joy and pure contentment in our children and we know, we're doing some pretty powerful "work."  Our hearts swell again and we're given another shift in perspective.  Sending strength to you, momma, as you continue to endure and thrive.  Every family experiences a different "daily grind," but the energy and routine of it all is quite similar.  Whether you are a stay at home mom, work from home mom or you work full/part time out of the house, I feel ya, it's tough!  Remember, each little effort adds up to produce a childhood filled with connection, attention and love

Keep on keepin on.... Day by day... You're doing a great job...

xo  Amy

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