Write your birth story

February 28th, 2016 12:59:00 pm

Write your birth story

We celebrated my son's 5th birthday yesterday.  I can not believe my little buddy is 5 already?!  As parents, we all seem to gush compliments about our little humans on their birthdays...  "He's the smartest, kindest, silliest, most thoughtful and loving little boy in the world!"  And my son is all those things, along with being a true patience tester, wildly independent, sometimes confusing, rambunctious crazy maker at times. I love him to pieces no matter what. 


I've learned that, as parents, we are not meant to teach our kids all they need to know.  More often than not, we're meant to observe, listen and learn from them.  My son has taught me that life is meant to be explored in different ways.  Sometimes the path he leads me on opens up new discoveries.  

This is one of the observations I realized while re-reading our Birth Story.  It was a journey I was meant to observe, listen and learn from.  Labor and birth encourage you to step out of the way and open up to observe the power of your body in motion.  You may have a plan or particular outcome in mind, but each and every one of our experiences teaches us something. When we let go of the grip of expectations, we're presented with a path full of lessons, love and life. Sometimes it's messy, uncomfortable and confusing, but we trust in our story and we are present as we walk our own path. 


Birth is individual. 

No woman births like another.  We may have similarities in our stories, but ultimately we experience our own unique journey with our sweet babe(s.)


Some women experience great challenges along their birth journeys.  Writing your baby's birth story may help with your own healing process.  Finding positive support from other women through local or online support groups can also aid in your healing process. 


I encourage all of my mommies to write their birth stories.  The process of writing and reading your journey can be powerful, healing and empowering. 


It will hopefully remind you of your strength, wisdom and ultimate presence on your Birth day.  Documenting how you felt when you first laid eyes on the creation that was growing inside of you is a memory you will want to come back to forever.  Remembering something funny or surprising from your partner, labor support team, midwife or doctor will add to the beauty of that memory. 


I'm so grateful I wrote my birth story and how I managed my labor.  Re-reading it reminded me that I truly trusted birth and I trusted my body.  "Trust" was my mantra I carried through both pregnancies and birth and I continue to call on it through motherhood. 


Trust in your journey. 

Trust in your timing.

Trust you are right where you're meant to be. 


Take a moment, no matter how many years have passed to write your birth story.  Share it or keep it private.  Write in your own words.  Write from your heart. 


If you'd like to read about my journey with my Wesley, here it is....


With gratitude and all my love,


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