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Friday, 15 December 2017

It's baaaaack...  We live in one of the top 25 snowiest cities in the U.S. Many years we're 1st or 2nd on the list, something we Erie-ites take pride in.  Come on, ya gotta love that lake effect snow!

I've grown up in this snow globe and honestly, you've just got to embrace it.  Snow forts, icicle "stores," sledding and walking on the frozen bay is what childhood is like here this time of year.  As an adult, you'll most likely hear a lot of grumbling complaints.  It's freezing, messy, dangerous and a pain in the snowflake to shovel....  But, my lovelies, it's also beautiful.  Many moments make me stop and soak in the brilliant white.... everywhere...  It is truly magical, and we CAN survive this time of year. 

If the latest dumping prevents you from driving to your favorite class at the gym or studio, there is always an opportunity to workout at home.  Put the kids in front of "Frozen" and pop in your favorite Prenatal or Postnatal Yoga Workout (*wink, wink*) Home workouts are essential for surviving these long winter months. That is why I created these DVD's, so that you don't have to miss out on feeling great when you can't or don't want to leave the comfort of your home.  I can guarantee you'll feel better after taking this time for you with my DVD's. You may even just lay out your yoga mat and create your own flow.  Move in a way that feels good and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how you can create your own workout, tailored to exactly what you need at this moment.  A few basic stretches can get the blood moving and really energize you.  Give it a try!

If you live up north like me and simply must get outside (like me) I highly recommend Yaktrax. They attach to the sole of your sneaker (or boot) and you can actually run in the snow and ice!  I have tested these in the worst conditions and they are fantastic!  Now, if you are pregnant, I would not recommend running on the snow/ice, of course.  But, these Yaktrax give you the reassurance that you can at least get out for a walk with a friend when the weather keeps us inside for months on end.  So, if you've got cabin fever and must get out to breathe some fresh, crisp air, give these puppies a try.  My postnatal mommas that are getting back into running, remember, the hormone relaxin can remain in your body for 6 months or more if breastfeeding.  Be extra cautious when working out since the joints are still loose.  It may be best to keep your running indoors until the roads are clear. 

Another way to get your steps in is to meet up with some girlfriends at the mall and push your strollers in the warmth, while sipping your morning coffee. Before I had the twins I used to enjoy doing this with my mommy-friends.  Our mall (plus Starbucks) opens earlier than the shops, so you can grab a coffee and walk before it's too busy. Check with your local mall and ask if they open before store hours. It's like walking a track at the gym, with no gym membership!

Exercising with the kiddos is another way to get your body moving while playing together.  Just put on your favorite music and dance around.  We're usually jamming to Michael Jackson or our newest favorite "Bang Bang"  :) Kitchen dance parties are where it's at!

The big kids and I LOVE Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures.  They are a blast.  They love following along with the engaging story and playful exercises.  Cosmic Kids weaves yoga lessons into the adventure, teaching children to find patience, kindess and most importantly to breathe.  Check them out, the videos are offered free on YouTube!

To all my other winter warriors, don't fear the snow, embrace it.  Life is so much better when we all embrace, isn't it?  I'll let you know how much I'm embracing when it's April and we still have snow...


Presque Isle Snow









This is Presque Isle Beach and Lake Erie.  Covered in snow and frozen ice caps (2014).  Magic.

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