Welcome Baby Sofia!

Thursday, 29 October 2015

#tbt to this past Sunday, when my niece made her debut! My sister and her husband welcomed Sofia into the world on 10/25. heart

Every birth is special, but this little one is extra healing for my sister. Some of you have read my blog post titled, "Why butterflies are so special to me."  This post talks about my sister's loss and how we got through it as a family. Sofia's birth is extra special since it was an opportunity for my sister to heal a little more, to feel her body working in the most miraculous way, to birth her baby exactly as they were meant to. What is even more beautiful is that my sister got to take Sofia home with her and continue to nurse her baby. (The twins stayed in the NICU for over 6 weeks.)
She's a light and a joy already and I'm sure has some of Liam's energy in her.
Time helps and heals. It doesn't fix things, but it helps.

I celebrate my sister and the strength, surrender and trust that she carried with her throughout this pregnancy and birth. I admire every person who has experienced loss and continues to move forward. Trusting in love more than fear.

Sofia, I hope you know just how much you are loved and how very special you are

Happy day 4, earth side, little one!!!

Love, Aunt Amy

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