Everything Changes

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I have been holding on to many moments lately, as Clara grows and changes everyday. She is now 7 months old and as every mom can relate, I would love for time to stand still.  I'd like to see her goofy smile, kiss her squishy arms and legs, hear her little cackles (that she has discovered makes herself and everyone around her laugh) one more time. But time is not that friendly. It moves forward whether we're ready or not. So, instead of resisting this force/wave/rhythm, why not ride it and accept. This amazing article from Elephant Journal (one of my favorite websites) says that "Change is just another word for living - 'to live means 'to change'." What a fantastic way to look at the speed at which our children grow up, we are truly living life, living each moment. This article also discusses how we hold on to the past through pictures and videos. Now, I must admit that I will continue to take a ton of photos and videos of my kids. I feel that is one of the amazing benefits of our quickly changing world, smartphones allow us to capture the everyday moments so easily.

I don't feel baldly for recording these moments to glance back at, remembering how small my little ones were. *sigh*  

Another way I was recently able to capture some sweetness was by filming a few Mommy Baby Workout segments with Clara. These will be featured on an upcoming Postnatal Workout DVD! It was a blast filming this with Clara, out of the womb. She has been my side kick as Exercising Balance has grown along with her. What a joy to share this journey with her and all of you. 

I am certainly cherishing these moments of snuggly, squishy baby love, so that I can fully live as life continues to change. I will try to not be too sad as we approach milestones, but celebrate them fully. If you haven't seen this heartfelt video of Sadie and her little brother, it is worth the watch ;)

I can relate, girl! I may have also wanted to cry at the thought that my babies won't always be as small and innocent as they are at this moment. But I'll continue to ride the wave that carries us along this journey of life. 


Everything changes, and it's a beautiful thing.... 





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