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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

"When you see the beloved around you, everyone is family and everywhere is love." Ram Dass

I believe this quote is a beautiful way to look at the holidays. With many different traditions, celebrations and beliefs, how important it is to recognize the common thread uniting us all. Seeing the beloved or light everywhere, in everyone helps us to look at everyone as family. Maybe that would change a reaction or judgment if we considered this first?

This year has given my family magic and incredible blessings. It has also presented it share of challenges. With unthinkable events happening in our home towns and around the world, we may experience some darkness, but I believe that there is a much brighter light that shines through.  It is within each of us and we must recognize it in each other. This is the essence of the greeting Namaste, understanding the goodness within oursleves and truly seeing it within everybody around us --> especially those we may disagree with <-- (Try it next time!!!)  When sadness or darkness presents itself, we can only respond by brightening our own light. Sharing kindness, generosity, and peace with strangers, family and friends helps us to get through.

I snapped this picture as I was doing my Christmas shopping. I had to take an extra 10 minutes to walk across the street and listen to his music. The performance was far from "perfect." It almost sounded as if he was practicing as he went, yet this made it completely perfect and memorable. I got to chat with "Santa's helper" and learned that he is a retired Vet. I'm so grateful I took the time to make a connection that brightened both of our days. These connections are what life is all about, right?

As you celebrate this holiday I hope you share and graciously receive. I hope you see the light and good in those that celebrate and believe differently. I hope that we can someday see the beloved all around us, where everyone is family and everywhere is love.  Thanks, Ram Dass for this rockin inspiration as we dance into the new year. 

To my expecting mommas, I send you the biggest virtual *hug* as you await your own perfect miracle! What a truly magical time of year to celebrate you, beautiful mommy!!! Enjoy this holiday with the best gift you could ever ask for...

Love, Peace and a whole lotta Light to you and yours


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