Today is where it's at...

Monday, 21 September 2015

This weekend was a doozie.  It was a real test for me and frankly, I just didn't feel like playing along.  This Monday Mantra is my reminder that I can let the other stuff G to the O.  I woke up today with a brighter perspective (and a little more sleep. That helps too.)


Wake up. 

Brush teeth.

Put in your (fresh) eyes (for real if, like me, you have to wear those silly contacts.)

You get the picture.  It's a chance to begin again. 

Monday's have a special freshness about them.  A new week ahead.  Some people dislike these Monday's after a fun filled Friday, Saturday, Sunday.  My mantra this week is to "Live today."   I will happily let go of the funky, dumpy, crabby day that is in the past.  I will not allow myself to get wrapped up in the unknown, the guessing or hoping for the future.  The only thing that is certain is today, or this very moment, in fact. 

Today is where life is happening, so smile, because * YOU HAVE ANOTHER DAY TO SMILE *  :)   <-- this little guy doesn't really express the big smile I'm sharing with you right now.

I was chatting with a student after class today and we were both sharing stories of loss.  She recalled memories of her dad and I shared a bit about my nephew, Liam.  Coincidentally, we are both approaching the first anniversary of their deaths, next month.  It made us heavyhearted to think of this missing light in our lives. 

Then we both agreed to live fully.  Today.  Becuase we might not have tomorrow.  That might be a pessimistic notion, but it's the truth. 

I challenge you to recognize "WHERE YOU ARE LIVING" this week.  Are you stuck on an event from the past?  {*whisper* you can't change it, so try to move on... *hug*} Or is your busy brain rolling scenario after scenario up in your head?  {*whisper* deal with it when it happens...  it might not happen at all *another hug*}

I am smiling today because I have another day with my loves.  I am grateful beyond words to watch them grow, hold them tight and do the everyday routines again and again.  Life is happening right now and I intend to live in it.

*deep breath*  I let go of the past.  I will not fret over the future.  Today is where it's at.  (*fist bump*)

Lots of love for a fab week.  But forget about the week and enjoy your Monday! :)


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