Trust in the timing of the universe

Monday, 28 September 2015

If you didn't see the blood moon, lunar eclipse last night, fret not, it's all over the internet and newspaper print. I would have loved to see it, but my energy was zapped.  I like to take responsibility for myself and not place blame anywhere else, but maybe I'll blame the moon here. Sorry, Lady Luna.  This beauty has the power to affect the ocean tides {scientific fact.}  There are a whole host of spiritual and mystic beliefs in the power of the full moon, alignment of the stars, etc {it may be factual, who am I to judge?} 

I'm going to say that this cosmic event is throwing my energy level into a slump.  

The moon orbits, the day becomes night, life continues to move forward.  Sometimes we feel as if we're in comfortable control of things.  It's all working in sync and we're happy dancing all over town.  Other times, life feels chaotic, exhausting, painful.  One of my favorite quotes from Tosha Silver, author of "Outrageous Openness" is "I trust in the divine order of the universe." I trust that I am right where I'm meant to be.  Soaking in the bright shining moments and treading to hold my head up during difficult times.  You will get through, if you continue to trust.  

After reading Tosha's book, I've begun shifting my perspective on challenges or frustrations in my life.  Do you ever wonder when you're running late, "That's ok, I wasn't meant to get there just yet." Or if you miss a flight, maybe that means you were meant to make some other "connection."  Obstacles in our way become opportunities for growth.  If we trust what Tosha says that "Life is unfolding in divine timing.  All delays are beneficial, I'm always at the right place at the right time," we allow ourselves to ride on the current where life is taking us.

Last night, I wanted to watch the lunar eclipse, but I knew I was too exhausted and needed sleep.  First though, I had to take out the trash.  As I walked out pulling both barrels, I set them down then looked for the moon.  The clouds were moving slowly and I'd get glimpses of the full beauty every now and then, but it wasn't a clear night.  I stood alone in the middle of the street for about 5 minutes, then decided to go inside to bed.  When I walked back to close the garage, I saw a bag of trash that never got placed in the barrel.  So, I sleepily walked back down the driveway to drop it off.  Low and behold, the cloud cover was much more sparse and I got a clear view of la luna.  It was so bright and energetic, that it made me laugh to myself.  The extra garbage bag I begrudgingly brought back was what allowed me a better, brighter view of the full moon.  This is a simple, and maybe silly example, but you've got to chuckle sometimes.  Sometimes the universe has things better planned than you do. (*wink*)

When I was pregnant with both of my babies, I connected to this mantra of trusting in the divine order of the universe every day.  Especially as I waited patiently (sometimes) for my baby girl who decided to be born at 41 weeks and 4 days.  Mommies that have little ones on the way, I send this mantra to you, "Trust in the divine order of the universe."  Your sweet babe knows when the time is right. 

This continues to be the mantra and intention I close each meditation with.  It's a good one.  Write it on a sticky note and place it where you need that reminder. 

On my own journey, I'm going to trust that this little low spell is simply an opportunity to write to you in this blog.  Connecting and admitting that I don't always feel inspired or motivated, but that this slump will pass.  I'll take extra care until life perks back up. 

If this weeks mantra resonates with you, please feel free to comment or share.  Have you experienced a bump in the road that turned out to be the right direction after all?  You are right where you're meant to be. 

Love and moonlight, 


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